Thursday, November 20, 2008

Majestical Majik Marauder

My Buddy Johann Bombing over a Ditch.
High Speed and in a Gale Force Wind.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Consume Less, Produce More

Haven't Updated in a While but Here are Some Recent Shots. Cape Town has Been Having some Great Weather Lately and I have tried to Take Full Advantage at Every Possible Opportunity. Also been Messing Around with Post Processing Lately, I Came to the Conclusion that my Photoshop Skills Suck

Pierre and I Made a Super Rogue Mission to Get this Shot.
It was Definitely an Adventure and Well Worth the Mission.
A Poser Shot of Savage.
Albert helped me use a Car Sun Reflector to even out his face.
It Worked out Pretty Well.
Savage Throwing the B's at a Random Fun Spot.
I Hiked Up Lions Head Recently with my friends OD, Cobus, Albert and Pieter.
It was a Beautiful Day and a Really Fun Mission.
This is Pieter Absorbing.
The Hike Up Was Definitely Worth It.
This is for Free.
Get Out There People!
Boredom + New Zoom Lens = Dodgy Shot of Camps Bay
This was Taken On the Road Down, Almost in the Car Park.
Cape Town <3