Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Point of This

We had a potent session at the trails today. It is pretty late in the year for them to be running so good. I didn't plan on taking pics because the weather was so good, but when I saw the sky I got Ian to fire out a quick lookback, he has these on lockdown. Fish with the ttl is the future.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Missions, Dogs and Backyard Jumps

A few of us went on a mission to Somerset West/Stellenbosch. We went to Belair Trails where Jonty was hitting the recently repaired big line, BOOM!! We hit some street after that, here is Willie about to have a really scary looking crash. I have been present for 3 different people doing this rail, all three have as Konstant puts it "Had sex with the concrete". After that we cruised to Stellenbosch where we were entertained by some interesting locals.

I have been riding loads lately, which has been awesome. Here are some shots I setup and had the boys shoot. Trigger Fingers are there.

Here is a shot of Dewald, this guy skates just to skate. Don't be surprised if you see a Ramones listening, Skinny jeans and Leather Jacket wearing rocker come bombing past your car on a steep downhill.

We went to MTBer Ryan Franklin's House on the weekend. His parents were cool enough to let him build jumps in his yard. Here is a shot of UK transplant Damian, This guy has a wicked style and some sweet manoeuvres. Ian is also ripping, here he is dominating my bike.

Ryan's Dog 'Rusty'. This dog can probably play soccer better than you.
I was busy in my garage when this 'Arctic Wolf' just randomly strolled in, this has to be one of the coolest dogs I have ever seen. He chilled it out for about 10 minutes and left after getting a thorough bellyrub.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Frivolous Friday Fun

Last Night was the Ep Launch for Foto Na Dans held at Mercury. These guys are seriously the friendliest and most dedicated individuals one could meet. They played an awesome show despite breaking their Bass Drum halfway through the set, good times nonetheless. There were quite a lot of people so I didn't move around too much, hence quite a few shots of Neil. Afterwards we just chilled out for a while and absorbed the people of Cape Town.

You have to love Cape Town. This is a GUY dancing his heart out. Enough Said

All I know about this girl is she was cool enough to let me take some pics of her tattoo's, her name is Jenny and she is 24 years wild.

After the show at Mercury we moved over to Shack, where my friend Steph finally showed me hear dislocating shoulder trick. This is way too disgusting for someone so sweet

Friday, October 5, 2007

Justice Dance

I may have lost two friends by putting this up here. I am really loving all my old Lomo fish shots, best party camera ever. This first shot is a double exposure. The one shot is of my friend Kristen and the overlaying shot is of an awesome drawing in chocolate in a coffee.
Random Mission to town, Bumped into Stephanie, Got food at Rafiki's and absorbed a Bergie getting soaked in the midst of a back-firing Bakkie, Arty Schmarty to my Muse Blues.

At least this was a good laugh if nothing else. Pieter and I getting Emo in the fields. Watch Justice - Dance, Radical Video, Flash Inspiration for our Nation. Flash is Cool and so are remote Flashes.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Overdue but sliding in...

It's been a while since I last posted. It was a mixture of being busy and not having Internet access for quite some time. All excuses aside, here we are. Clemi took this shot of Me and "The Bee" getting radical. Good Friends, Good Trails, Good Times. VGV. It took a few tries to time this correctly.
Pieter skating our soon to be completed Ghetto Concrete mini. It is all hand built and shaped and we are learning as we go along. So far it's working out okay.

Buddy Chellan -Dialled

My friend Phil needed some shots of his band. This was the most unorganised gathering of people ever. It worked out alright in the end considering I didn't have a clue what to do and they had no idea what they wanted. A good thing they are better musicians than schmodels. Check them out

Here are some shots of the boys killing the trick jump at Somerset West. This also happened to be the worst day to shoot photo's ever.

I have started scanning in some old film photo's that have just been lying around. This was taken with my Lomo Fish and a ttl chord with an SB-800. Different Worlds

Some friends told me they were going to go chill at the windmills and asked if I wanted to tag along. 1 in the morning and entertaining myself. It was super cold and the wind was cutting through our clothes. This was my first time "Painting with light". It is hard to judge how long to paint for, I was pretty happy with this, but there is definitely a lot of room for improvement. This is the start of many more missions.