Saturday, October 6, 2007

Frivolous Friday Fun

Last Night was the Ep Launch for Foto Na Dans held at Mercury. These guys are seriously the friendliest and most dedicated individuals one could meet. They played an awesome show despite breaking their Bass Drum halfway through the set, good times nonetheless. There were quite a lot of people so I didn't move around too much, hence quite a few shots of Neil. Afterwards we just chilled out for a while and absorbed the people of Cape Town.

You have to love Cape Town. This is a GUY dancing his heart out. Enough Said

All I know about this girl is she was cool enough to let me take some pics of her tattoo's, her name is Jenny and she is 24 years wild.

After the show at Mercury we moved over to Shack, where my friend Steph finally showed me hear dislocating shoulder trick. This is way too disgusting for someone so sweet

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