Friday, October 5, 2007

Justice Dance

I may have lost two friends by putting this up here. I am really loving all my old Lomo fish shots, best party camera ever. This first shot is a double exposure. The one shot is of my friend Kristen and the overlaying shot is of an awesome drawing in chocolate in a coffee.
Random Mission to town, Bumped into Stephanie, Got food at Rafiki's and absorbed a Bergie getting soaked in the midst of a back-firing Bakkie, Arty Schmarty to my Muse Blues.

At least this was a good laugh if nothing else. Pieter and I getting Emo in the fields. Watch Justice - Dance, Radical Video, Flash Inspiration for our Nation. Flash is Cool and so are remote Flashes.


Philip Erasmus said...

ripsnorter has now become tame amidst these new developments, hopefully start inventing new words to describe this progression.

justice - d.a.n.c.e. = tom cruise = portuguese man of war.


Malissa said...

Well written article.