Monday, October 22, 2007

Missions, Dogs and Backyard Jumps

A few of us went on a mission to Somerset West/Stellenbosch. We went to Belair Trails where Jonty was hitting the recently repaired big line, BOOM!! We hit some street after that, here is Willie about to have a really scary looking crash. I have been present for 3 different people doing this rail, all three have as Konstant puts it "Had sex with the concrete". After that we cruised to Stellenbosch where we were entertained by some interesting locals.

I have been riding loads lately, which has been awesome. Here are some shots I setup and had the boys shoot. Trigger Fingers are there.

Here is a shot of Dewald, this guy skates just to skate. Don't be surprised if you see a Ramones listening, Skinny jeans and Leather Jacket wearing rocker come bombing past your car on a steep downhill.

We went to MTBer Ryan Franklin's House on the weekend. His parents were cool enough to let him build jumps in his yard. Here is a shot of UK transplant Damian, This guy has a wicked style and some sweet manoeuvres. Ian is also ripping, here he is dominating my bike.

Ryan's Dog 'Rusty'. This dog can probably play soccer better than you.
I was busy in my garage when this 'Arctic Wolf' just randomly strolled in, this has to be one of the coolest dogs I have ever seen. He chilled it out for about 10 minutes and left after getting a thorough bellyrub.


Anonymous said...

Leaving a comment was just the hardest thing to do...holy cow!! I see what you mean when u said that he was the best dog u've ever seen! I just want to play with him and roll around on the ground with him!

West Coast BMX said...

Willie is king. He got up laughing. You should see the video footage. Thats me in the background. Damb great photo's, Wayne.

Johan said...

Willie is uyster.