Sunday, August 26, 2007

Indie and Inus

This weekend was a long weekend mixed with much emotion. My computer crashed on Saturday morning so I did this update using the laptop. I didn't realise how much I used my computer until it was gone, Photoshop is sorely missed, I made the borders and conversions on these pics using, a fun and entertaining site.

Last night was an Indie explosion. Howard Roark and New Loud Rockets Unleashed some mighty good tunes on an appreciative crowd at the Waiting Room. Thanks to the guy who picked up my flash and batteries off the floor after it fell (from very high) off the speaker.

Check it Out:

New Loud Rockets

Howard Roark

My wallet was stolen out of my room the other day with all my cards. I got the cards replaced for free but was shocked to see how much a wallet costs. I spent about 20-30 min. and made one out of duct tape and some Speak the Silence stickers (I'm a tweaker). It's dialled - "If it's free it's for me". I just watched a segment on Identity theft on Carte Blanche hence the un-needed paranoid blur.

On a Sad note. Inus Wiehahn was in a car accident and passed away early Saturday morning. He was truly a legend guy to hang out with, he will be missed. Rip In Peace Bro

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